Jominy Quench Tank

The quench tanks are used to quench the ends of Jominy bars to determine hardenability. A frame holds the bar and a jet of water impinges against the bottom of the bar. A pump recirculates the water.

The Jominy bar has a screw in the end. The loading tool is a stout flat steel strip with a U-notch that receives the shank and supports the head of the screw. The frame in the tank has an opening with a V-notch. The red-hot Jominy bar is lowered through the opening and the screw sets into the notch. A sliding door secures the screw into the notch and the loading tool is pulled out. As soon as the screw is seated, the pump is switched on.

Summary About the Jominy Quench Tank
Manufacturer UIUC Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (M & IE) Machine Shop
Tests Performed Jominy End Quench
Units in the Lab 2
Locations in the Lab Area 1