Instron® Load Frames

Instron® 4483 Load Frame
(original controller shown)
The Instron® Model 4483 load frame applies tensile or compressive loads. Lead-screws in the columns drive the crosshead up and down. The load cell is bolted to the crosshead. Specimen fixtures are attached to the load cell and base. An electric motor in the base rotates the crosshead screws through a series of belts and pulleys.

In this facility, the load frame controller is interfaced to a computer running Instron® Bluehill® control and data acquisition software. The operator sets the test parameters and operates the test from the computer. When the test is started, the load frame controller commands the motor.

The power switch, jog buttons, and other manual controls are located on the frame panel and control console. The jog buttons are used to position the crosshead to set up a test.

An extensometer may be attached to the specimen to measure the change in length. The electrical signals from the load cell, extensometer, and the crosshead position encoder are converted to engineering units and displayed on the computer screen continuously. These data and other test parameters are recorded in a data file for subsequent analysis.

The test fixtures are joined to the load cell and base by hardened pins. This arrangement allows fixtures to be changed quickly. Different tensile grip inserts are installed to accommodate many sizes of round and flat tensile specimens. Fixtures for compression and four-point bending are also used.

Capacity of Load Frame: 150kN
Load Cells Full Scale: 100kN and 30kN available in lab
Load Accuracy (5800 retrofit controller): ±0.4% of reading down to 1/100 of load cell capacity, ±0.5% of reading down to 1/500 of load cell capacity
Extensometer: Gage length: 25.4mm. Displacement range: -10% to +100% of gage length.
Strain Accuracy (5800 retrofit controller): ±0.05% of full scale or ±0.5% of reading, whichever is greater (using Series 2630-100 extensometers)
Crosshead Speed: 0.05 to 500mm/min

Summary About the Load Frames
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