Video Microscope

The Nikon Optiphot-100S Metallurgical Microscope is used to examine and display the microstructure of materials. Illumination is by a Universal Epi-Illuminator 10. Specific features include: bright and dark field illumination, adjustable field and aperture diaphragms, polarizing filters, ND8 anti-glare filter, and revolving nosepiece with 5 objectives from 5X to 100X. The stage is moved on two-axes with knobs and the stage is moved vertically with coarse and fine focusing knobs. Objects are viewed through the binocular eyepiece or on a TV and computer monitor through a computer-interfaced digital camera mounted on the eyepiece tube. RinconHD image capturing and measurement software and a Jenoptik SpeedXT Core 3 USB camera are employed.

Summary About the Video Microscope
Manufacturer Nikon Instruments
Tests Performed Heat Treatment
Video Microscopy
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