Area 1 in the Lab

Instron testing machines have load capacities to 100kN and are equipped with fixtures to apply tensile, compressive, and bending loads. Hardness is assessed on Brinell and Rockwell testers. The latter have fixtures for plates, round stock and Jominy bars. A microhardness (microindentation) tester is also in the lab.

Furnaces capable of generating temperatures up to 1100C are employed for heat treatment. Oil quenching, water quenching, and air cooling on bricks are performed. There are two Jominy tanks for Jominy bar quenching to establish hardenability. The furnaces are also used to melt material for phase diagram studies.

Four grinding stations with vacuum bases are used to clean specimens.

A 200g capacity scale with 0.01g resolution is used to weigh phase diagram materials. Two 6,000g capacity scales with 1g resolution are available for general use.

A Picture of Lab Area 1